How we can help improve online media for your nonprofit

From the revolution in Egypt where people used Facebook to organise and mobilise, to President Zuma’s State of the Nation address in which he responds to a woman's pleas on the Presidency's Facebook page, to a man in Pakistan inadvertently tweeting the events leading up to the assassination of Osama bin Laden, the importance of online media simply cannot be ignored. Social media is everywhere and is integral to any communications strategy.

Your online community needs to be cultivated.  While anyone can send a simple message on Twitter, it takes strategic thinking and skill to use the medium effectively and minimise the risk to your brand. A fast growing industry of professional Social Media Strategists shows this is not just a “techie thing", any more than writing an article is "simply typing". To recognise this, is the first step towards using social media to enhance and grow your work.

I can help:

  • evaluate your website and give you practical advice to improve the site to enhance usability
  • mentor you in your social media work by helping you develop a strategic plan and meet with you monthly to guide your work
  • manage your online presence for you
  • help you develop a social media policy for your organisation.


Interiority is the founding organisation of the Nonprofit Network. I have written three popular books on online media for nonprofits, which can be downloaded directly from the Nonprofit Network website.

Contact me for more information.